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Eco Turn Seal

Bearing Timken

Eco Turn Seal

Analyzing seal performance and developing innovative sealing solutions has been a Timken core competency for decades. As with many integrated bearing assemblies like the AP-2, the seal is one of the most critical and differentiating components that impacts overall bearing and system performance.

In addition to traditional lip-style seals and our HDL™ hybrid design, Timken offers the EcoTurn labyrinth seal, a revolutionary design that essentially eliminates all seal torque. The result is less frictional forces in the bearing.

Design Attributes
  • Essentially-zero torque design can save thousands of gallons of fuel annually
  • Reduces emissions by several tons per year
  • Provides lower and more consistent bearing operating temperatures
  • AP and AP-2 bearings for rail freight cars
  • Patent-pending, non-contacting seal design leverages extensive research and testing to deliver performance unmatched in the industry.
  • The EcoTurn seal proved superior at keeping water out of the bearing assembly and consistently outperformed the competitor’s premium low-torque seal when tested by Timken utilizing the Association of American Railroads (AAR) M959 standard testing procedures for the equivalent of 100,000 service miles (162,000 km). The EcoTurn seal also exceeded the M959 water-exclusion requirements.
  • No direct contaminant ingress path which provides reliable performance by reducing the likelihood of debris entering the bearing assembly.
  • Improved grease retention which helps minimize grease weepage.
  • For car owners, the EcoTurn contributes toward a lower and more consistent bearing operating temperature.

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