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Bearing Timken


Pinion-Pac is a ready-to-install, pre-sealed, pre-set tapered roller bearing unit that simplifies axle assembly and improves system performance in light duty automotive applications. Customers rely on Pinion-Pac for improved gear reliability and bearing life; reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH); reduced weight and fewer warranty claims.

Design Attributes:
  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances provide better concentricity and optimum bearing setting for improved gear mesh contact and longer bearing life.
  • Stiff design reduces deflection at the gear mesh point during dynamic loading conditions, improving gear reliability.
  • Compact design can result in an overall weight reduction of up to 15 percent – translating into better handling and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Self-contained package reduces the need for bearing assembly tooling and can eliminate 45 percent of the components that need stocked for conventional designs.
  • Improved concentricity of the seal riding surface on the bearing inner race results in less seal wear, reducing warranty claims.
  • Package design simplifies axle repair — maintenance shops can keep fewer replacement parts on hand and technicians will spend less time on installation.
Light trucks and sport utility vehicles (original equipment)

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